Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keeping those thigh rolls toasty

I've never made croissants from scratch.  But I imagine that if I did, the rising croissant dough, with its folds exuberantly spilling over each other, would look a lot like my 4-month-old's thighs.

Needless to say, she doesn't have even a single pair of skinny jeans (unlike some of the lither babies in her neighborhood playgroup), and getting any pants on and off her, even the somewhat baggy variety, can be a challenge.  A challenge that I face every time she needs a fresh diaper.  So at home, she usually sports a diaper and thigh-high leggings, which keep her warm and also enable easy diaper access.

The problem is that though there are companies who market to baby-pants-haters like me, with Baby Leggings, they don't seem to have my daughter's thighs in mind when they choose the dimensions of their supposedly "one size fits all" leggings.

This morning, I found the answer.  In my sock drawer.  Those old and slightly stretched out socks that you don't want to throw out because they don't actually have any holes?  Fit perfectly over baby thigh croissants!  Just pull them on backwards, so that baby's chubby knees, which are always bent anyway, go right where the heel of the sock is.   Take that, baby marketing machine!

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