Monday, December 13, 2010

Where the gender gap in costs begins...Baby Gap!

So, our family made a little pilgrimage to baby Gap last week to exchange some Chanukah gifts.  I had my eyes peeled for pants that could possibly squeeze over my baby's ample bum--and her even-more-ample cloth diapers.  Most pants just don't fit.  And then I saw them!  They were in the boy's section. On sale for $12.95.

I wasn't surprised that they were on sale, frankly.  They looked weird!  The crotch of these pants was cut really low, down by the knees. Which meant that they would fit perfectly over a bulky cloth diaper.
Here they are, in olive green.  The tag was labeled "corduroy pull-on pants":

Deal!  I grabbed a pair.  Then I looked around to see if there were any other colors.  And then I saw them in the girl's section, in off-white.  They were identical except that the ankles were gathered rather than straight.  AND...they were $2 more, $14.95 total.  AND, believe it or not, the tag was labeled  "harem pants":

I'm ashamed to say that I'm so desperate for well-fitting pants that I bought the girl's pair too, despite the gender cost differential.  And despite the absurdity of "harem" pants for babies.  Sheesh.

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  1. I am still so miffed that they are marketed as "harem pants." Way to start that sexualization of girls early, Baby Gap.