Monday, January 17, 2011

Please invent this--I will buy it. #1...

Once in a while, I'd like to just post something that I wish someone would make.  Because I would buy it.

Idea #1:  Toys that play real music rather than electronic kiddy ditties.

Imagine a toy that played "Here comes the sun" (the Beatles), or "California girls" (Beach Boys), or even "Tropicalia" (Beck) every time baby swotted it, rather than some pukealicious version of "Old Macdonald."

Or a teddy bear that played Debussy and Chopin.

Or even better, baby toys with USB ports so that you could load your own mp3s!



  1. I totally agree. The closest thing I have seen is this:

    (We don't have one but I might get one for D eventually.)

  2. Oh man, I totally agree too. Just last night I had the same thought of how sick I was of the crappy toy music, and so I pulled out my phone while C was playing, and searched for classical music on youtube (not for viewing, just for us to listen to while he played). I do go to the computer or stereo for music sometimes; the phone was just handier at the time. But it's not interactive.

    Sort of related: I downloaded a cool Android app for babies that shows animal pictures, and plays the animal sounds when they touch the screen. However, I'm hesitant to let him touch my electronics, because he recently puked on my computer keyboard. So on MY wishlist is a cheap, very durable and babyproof (waterproof, chewproof, drop-proof, etc.) iPad-type device where I can download all of these cool baby apps and let C play with it without worry.

  3. One thing that might help with the puking issue: I got a keyboard protector for my new laptop, juuuuust in case:)